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I'm Aditi Garg, a Product Designer driven to solve problems with a user-focused approach and create solutions beyond the visual. 

In the past, I have donned many hats, such as a Textile Designer, Product Manager, Entrepreneur, and Graphic Artist, and each experience equipped me with unique skills that have springboarded (pun) me into my current path.

I'm also an artist and a nature lover, who seeks new sceneries for inspiration. I enjoy more, the thrill and adventure of a "journey" than just the satisfaction of a final "destination".

On weekends, you will find me taking my “Me time", kicking back on my swing chair, with a face mask on and a book in hand. I usually follow it up with a mind-bending sci-fi movie and some Pizza :)

Finding me interesting?

Know More

Well, I'm E.P.I.C. 

Empathetic. I can relate to how you feel

Pragmatic. I'm practical and focused on achieving goals

Intuitive. but also reflect logically on first instincts

Creative Problem Solver. Drawn to solving challenges in unique ways

Fun Fact

I have an undying love for peanuts, maybe I'm an incarnation of a squirrel.

But guess what I only tried peanut butter after coming to the US and of course fell in love with it instantly.

I'm also a...

Plant Mom

I literally talk to my plants like they’re my babies. 

My love for nature also drives me to adopt sustainable living wherever I can.


After work, I'm often spotted teaming up with my partner to play Rocket League (car soccer) and score goals.


Though I'm Aquaphobic and can hardly swim in the sea, I love to Snorkel and would love to go to the Great Barrier reef sometime soon  

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