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Life Rhythm

Evolved a simple IOT proposition into a smart life with this iOS app

Life Rhythm

I designed Life Rythm independently as a side project, to simplify life's demands, promoting well-being and balance. This productivity mobile app for iOS uses Shortcuts to automate routines encompassing work, chores, workouts, music, and more. It records progress, sends notifications for due activities, and directs users to linked apps such as Apple Books,  Headspace, Spotify, etc.


8 weeks


UX researcher

Product Strategy

Visual Design
End-to-end UI/UX Design 


User Surveys, Interviews, Persona Wire-framing, Prototyping, User Testing, Branding


Despite numerous healthcare and productivity apps, users struggle to seamlessly integrate them into their routines.

Tracking various tasks across multiple apps is complex, and the "work-first" mindset compromises well-being. Integrating healthy habits into busy schedules is a challenge, highlighting the need for a streamlined solution.

Image by freestocks


I conducted virtual interviews, surveys, and market research, exploring participants' daily routines, habit development strategies, and organization methods to pinpoint challenges and pain points.

Crunching the numbers


Users face time management challenges, seek motivation for routine consistency, value integration of diverse life aspects, prefer personalized and gamified solutions, and express interest in health-focused automation.


In the competitive landscape, "Streaks" emerged as a notable player with advanced features, but it primarily emphasizes habit-building rather than offering a unified routine management system.


"Struggling to balance kids, work, and home, I often forget to carve out time for myself in the midst of life's chaos. ​My goal is to automate my life so I have time for things and people that matter."

Persona_College Student

Persona - Top for a young student, Bottom right for a working mom


I kicked off the solution process by brainstorming ideas aligned with user needs. Giving priority to onboarding, I crafted a quick walkthrough of the app's features and functionality leading users to sign up. I then developed user flows, site structure, and screens for the dashboard, routine setup, calendar integration, and other quick actions.


Onboarding & product screens initial sketches


A synchronized app for streamlined and automated living, simplifying each day with just one click at a time.

Quircky Onboarding 

& Sign up

I designed an inviting visual identity, vibrant imagery, and concise language for the onboarding, conveying a simple value proposition.  During onboarding, users could complete registration, and seamlessly integrate work/personal calendars, preventing overlaps and receiving reminders for additional events like birthdays, meetings, etc.

Automated routine setup

I streamlined data sharing with integrated apps using IOS Shortcuts, automating schedules by connecting related apps for enhanced efficiency. Users can set up their first routine during onboarding or skip it for later. When receiving a notification at the event time, simply swipe right to attend, manage, or snooze, and the data will automatically sync for easy progress tracking.

Effortless customisation

This simple interface provides users with the flexibility to adjust, add, or delete routines as needed. Choose from pre-set routines or create custom ones. When adding a new routine, link relevant suggested apps directly, with the option to add apps from the App Store, ensuring easy automation and consistent routine reinforcement.

Track collective and individual progress

I simplified progress tracking with weekly and monthly views, offering stats charts for effortless monitoring.

Explore the Prototype for yourself

Certain details and flows become clearer through hands-on experience. Feel free to share your thoughts and reach out for any questions or feedback! 😊

Life Rythm_Prototype


Executing this project provided valuable learnings. Unfamiliar with app extensions and Siri shortcuts, I immersed myself in research to comprehend the technicalities, ensuring adherence to IOS guidelines and addressing accessibility at every step. Managing notifications for goal achievement in a single click was an enlightening discovery.

Primary and secondary research enriched my understanding of market trends and user experiences. Building an app from start to finish and exploring new technologies and features was a fun experience, and I eagerly anticipate its evolution in the future.

Image by freestocks
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